Bournemouth Shared Lives

Shared lives (also known as adult placement) is a way of providing support and accommodation for adults with learning disabilites in the community setting. Club chair, Anna Reeves and her family are shared lives carers and currently have two adults with learning disabilites who live with them as part of their family. The ladies have their own rooms and share the rest of the house with Anna, her husband Martin and their two children and various pets! They are supported to be as independant as possible but have 24/7 support around if needed. It isn't a special home or institution, just an everyday family, living in an everyday house, in an everyday community. There are several shared lives families around Bournemouth and its really a great scheme so we are keen to promote it. As very experienced carers (6 years nearly!) we love the scheme because:

  • we provide proper continuity of care - no shift changes or constant staff changes
  • we get to know each other really well and have a great relationship with the people we care for
  • people feel safe and at home in a family environment
  • everyone gets involved with and is part of the wider community - with our families and friends, neighbours, local shops etc
  • people are matched to the family and other people living there so everyone's needs are met
  • small numbers mean we don't stand out as a 'group of disabled people', just everyday people going about our business
  • people can live independant lives - go out late, have friends over, chill in their bedrooms or have company, do their own washing and shopping (with support if needed of course), go on holiday etc ...
  • we provide a truly person centred approach with everyone treated as an individual
  • people learn about and experience real and honest relationships (warts and all!)
  • because we aren't family members we do not have the same emotional attachment and can stand back look at issues from a professional point of view
  • although this is a life style choice for us, rather than just a job, we are all professional carers with regular training, support from the scheme and its members etc

The following information is taken from Shared Lives Plus

Our members are Shared Lives carers and workers. Shared Lives used to be known as Adult Placement. Our members are individual Shared Lives carers, Shared Lives schemes, Homeshare providers and micro-enterprises.

They use different approaches to enable people to achieve goals such as:

  • being in control of their services and their lives
  • pursuing ordinary lives within their chosen families and relationships
  • being valued by their communities and feeling like they belong

SharedLivesPlus' members deliver or coordinate services which:

  • are built around individuals, their strengths and potential
  • promote equality and value diversity
  • are safe but support people to take risks in pursuit of their goals
  • are cost-effective, with consistently better outcomes than alternatives

To find out more about being supported click  Bournemouth Shared Lives Scheme  or phone Helen or Zoe on 01202 456803

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