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Posted by Hannah on 03/11/2012

I've been volunteering with Bournemouth Gateway since June '12. When i started i was just starting my recovery from a 4 year long illness, volunteering with such an incredible group of staff and members encouraged and helped me with getting better, and with the confidence i've gained i am moving to Australia in 4 days. Anything you do is appreciated by everyone, even just helping out with tea rounds. I'll miss everyone i've met and had the pleasure to work alongside, i recommend to anyone who has a few hours spare a week to get involved i guarantee you'll love it.

Posted by Anna on 30/10/2012   Email

I volunteered at club for 2 1/2 years before taking on the paid role and in that time I have learnt a massive amount but best of all I have watched our members and volunteers grow and flourish and its amazing. The change in people from working together and building relationships is brilliant. And it isnt a one way street - our volunteers and staff get as much from it as our members. Its a great team, a great atmosphere and Im really proud of everyone :)

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